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England Footballer Neil Webb | Footietalks

That time England footballer Neil Webb made our day, week and year…

It seems only fitting that on the day of England’s first game of World Cup 2018, that I unearthed this […]

Creativepool #Annual2018

KidDotCo have been shortlisted for Creativepool #Annual2018

Both Mike and I are proud to be recognised by Creativepool having been nominated in two categories – ‘Best Application’ […]

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FootieTalks Top 20 football pundit clichés… EVER! (Part 1)

Do you know your ‘Fergie Time’ from your ‘Little Bit Of Luck’? Here’s part 1 of KidDotCo’s list of their favourite football pundit sayings

A Healthy Creative Mind Makes For A Healthy Business

A Healthy (creative) Mind Makes For A Healthy Business

Okay, so this might not be the first thing you would expect to be reading on the blog of a […]

Bradley Simpson and Ibbleobble

Brad from The Vamps LOVES ‪#‎Memory‬ with ‪#‎Ibbleobble‬ & wants to ‘Shout about it’

Since the launch of our EIGHTH app, Memory with Ibbleobble, we have had some great feedback – especially from people […]

Memory with Ibbleobble

Introducing Memory with Ibbleobble

We’ve been very busy since the launch of Ibbleobble, educational children’s apps last year, and we are now excited to […]

Grimsby-based creative agency KidDotCo win international award for their educational app

Patterns with Ibbleobble named ‘best application’ People’s Choice by Creativepool!

This last week has been a truly memorable one for us at KidDotCo. As you may or may not know, […]

Division with Ibbleobble on Apple TV

Ibbleobble launch their educational Apps on Apple TV

So this time next week, we will be celebrating Christmas Day… lots of excitement, plenty of food and the exchange […]

How to gift Apps in the App Store

How to gift Apps in the App Store

Did you know you can ‘gift’ Ibbleobble Apps in the App Store… Check out our comprehensive guide on how to […]

Orangutans in Borneo

Orangutans in Borneo – An experience we can’t help but share!

They often say you learn something new everyday… On this particular day (on our very own boat kitted up ready […]

Sequences with Ibbleobble

Shine with super sequences with Ibbleobble!

It’s not even been a week, and we are happy to announce 7th in the series ‘Sequences with Ibbleobble’. Florence […]

Patterns with Ibbleobble

Pick perfect picture patterns with Ibbleobble!

Five apps and one bundle have been launched and being downloaded on iPhones and iPads all over the world… and […]

Orinaility will always be king

They say ‘imitation is a form of flattery’ …but nobody likes being ripped off!

For anyone who has followed my work over the years you will be aware my work has been imitated before… […]

Division with Ibbleobble

Helping children’s brains grow – Division with Ibbleobble

Five fun-packed apps in four weeks! Division with Ibbleobble has launched: the fifth in a unique series of educational apps […]

Multiplication with Ibbleobble

Be magnificent at multiplication with Ibbleobble

Our fourth app is here! Multiplication with Ibbleobble has launched: the fourth in a unique series of educational apps that […]

Subtraction with Ibbleobble

Kids! Learn subtraction, but with oodles of fun!

Roll up! Roll up, It’s time for our third app! Subtraction with Ibbleobble has launched: the third in a unique […]

Additon with Ibbleobble

Helping children boost their core numeracy skills – Addition with Ibbleobble

Addition with Ibbleobble has launched: the second in a unique series of educational apps that encourage children to celebrate being […]

It started with a stitch & Ibbleobble collaborate!

While creating the Ibbleobble concept, I came up with the idea of our characters doing all their learning while wearing […]

Words with Ibbleobble

Introducing Words with Ibbleobble

Words with Ibbleobble has launched this week, the first in a unique series of educational apps that encourage children to […]

Ibbleobble brand

Ibbleobble – An introduction to the new fun-packed brand

Ibbleobble is KidDotCo’s fun-packed brand that helps with kids’ core skill development. Ibbleobble is a range of IOS apps that […]

WWDC The Epicenter of change

Will the Apple TV be the epicenter of change at WWDC 2015?

Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to get a golden ticket this year to Apple’s WWDC, but as always I will […]

KidDotCo talk about the Apple Watch

Has the Apple Watch lived up to all the hype?

I’ve seen a few reviews for the Apple Watch so thought I’d post my thoughts around Apple’s new device now […]

Creativepool 2015 Annual launch party

Creativepool 2015 Annual Launch Party

On Thursday, my brother, Mike and I made a trip across London to Shoreditch and to the uber cool offices […]

A balance of activity and fun! KidDotCo launch Brown Owl Kids!

KidDotco are pleased to introduce another fun-packed brand to add to our portfolio! Brown Owl Kids are a start up […]

When is a trademark not a trademark?

When is a trademark not a trademark?

Way back in 2010, KidDotCo came up with the ‘My Hangover Hoody’ concept which we were keen to make in […]

How much do you charge for a logo?

“So, how much do you charge for a logo?” Try “How much value is the seed to the tree?”

Not only is a logo a part of a brand – it is your ‘identity’ – your ‘shop window’ – […]

Up the Mariners! Rolling back the years to 1979 – Grimsby Town style!

For anyone who knows me will know two of my quirks is the love of anything vintage and the fact […]

MTV News for iPad (UK) | iOS Application Update

An update to MTV News for iPad (UK) went live today, version 1.0.3. Although only a minor update I think […]