Live Nation

Where employees are the ‘heart and soul’…

What they wanted

From time to time, certain briefs land on to your desk that are nothing short of ‘spectacular’ and this one from entertainment heavyweights Live Nation was certainly one of those. Teaming up with 7th Floor Digital, who provided the brief, it was evident that while Live Nation is a world leader when it comes to event booking, we learned with this project they are leaders when looking after their employees too. ‘Taking care of our own’ is an internal scheme run by Live Nation exclusively for employees. Its purpose is serve employees should they hit hard times and need financial help such as a hardship loans etc. The scheme is run through their internal intranet. KidDotCo was asked to come up with a comprehensive brand guide to help raise the profile of this scheme.

What we did

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Guidelines
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Stationery Design
Live Nation 'Taking Care Of Our Own' logo

Happy Employees = Music To Our Ears

We realised this scheme was incredibly important to everyone involved with Live Nation, from as high up as CEOs right down to interns and part-time employees. So we wanted to create a brand that encompassed a certain warmth and approachability as well as being instantly recognizable in the workplace. The development process focused on an iconic shape people would relate to and something that had a nod to the event industry. We feel that the hybrid shape made up of the (music) plectrum and an iconic heart shape communicated everything that’s good about this worthy scheme.

With the very mention of the word Live Nation as a company evokes images of packed stadiums and arenas, bright lights, loud music and happy people having a good time. An air of positivity and a feel good factor also comes to mind.

We feel that this vibrant red icon feels positive – it feels friendly and most of all feels approachable and this was the key to our concept. While we live in a competitive world when times do get hard, Live Nation believe in looking after their own and have such a worthy scheme in place for employees to feel like they are love and especially appreciated.

Heart shapes in design can become somewhat problematic and especially for a company the size of Live Nation. We made extra efforts to make sure the heart didn’t look too feminine or too cute. KidDotCo are especially proud of this brand and Live Nation love it just as much as we do!

Live Nation 'Taking Care Of Our Own' branding
Live Nation 'Taking Care Of Our Own' animated logo
Live Nation 'Taking Care Of Our Own'

“Paul took on the challenge of creating a logo for Live Nation’s employee hardship fund program, which is considered a hallmark of the company’s culture. He managed to create an iconic look that expertly blended compassion with the gritty, rock and roll vibe of Live Nation.”

Stephanie SchaubPartner & Co-Founder 7th Floor Digital
Live Nation 'Taking Care Of Our Own'
Live Nation 'Taking Care Of Our Own' detail
Live Nation 'Taking Care Of Our Own' t-shirt