About KidDotCo

So you want to know more about us? Two brothers, one goal – to deliver high quality creative solutions that boost your business

Design, App & web design & development

Robots, who love to create…

We are KidDotCo.

Two incredibly ambitious brothers, Paul and Mike – what we lack in numbers we sure make up in drive ambition and an unrivaled work ethic.

We come from two very different education and employment backgrounds, one could say we have two very different approaches when it comes to work, this doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad thing, one thing is for sure, when working together we can create really great things!

Paul’s background is an patchwork of many things from branding, web design and web development, with a few football kit designs thrown in. He’s a classic all rounder and can turn his hand to most things, but don’t ask him to change a car tyre! One thing he is particularly passionate about is working with start up companies. There’s nothing more rewarding than creating a brand from start to finish and seeing the end product go on to grow.

Mike comes from an illustration background coupled with vast experience with Action Script and Xcode… He has and audacity to make beautiful solutions and not only make them work, but work seamless with the end user in mind.

A perfect example of this is with our educational Apps Ibbleobble. This demonstrates how we have been able to work effortlessly to our strengths, where the design and branding is in Paul’s hands and Mike turns the vision in to reality with the App build – It’s a perfect combination.

Since the formation of KidDotCo, we have been so fortunate to have strong working relationships with companies from as far as Australia’s Gold Coast to Los Angeles and lots of places in between. We are open to work wherever it takes us, so feel free to get in touch