What we do

As versatile as a Swiss army knife, we can turn our hand to quite a lot of things, but this is what we mainly do…

Web Design and Development

Web design and development can mean a lot of different things to different people, but KidDotCo know the difference between a good website and a bad website. Above all we listen to the clients needs and offer our experience to find the right solution for them. Our sites are always built to a high-specification – some might say we care too much with our build, but we always treat each project as our own.

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iOS App Development

Over the last three years, KidDotCo have made a seamless transition from desktop to mobile devices and are fully-equipped to take on iOS App Development. Our portfolio includes a wide range of educational games such as Ibbleobble and Pixel Dash. In addition, we have amassed a sound knowledge and understanding on how to promote Apps in the App Store (ASO), which is relatively a niche area.

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We tend to steer clear of simply designing logos for clients, we like to create brands. Brands are much more than than just a logo, we see brands as something that can be scaled across many platforms. A logo might look good on a white business card, but what happens when it’s on the side of a truck? We like to look at the bigger picture when giving your company a look and this is something we feel is a particular strength of ours.

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Whether it’s a Mailchimp email campaign, Social media marketing or a banner campaign for your business, KidDotCo will be more than happy to be involved. We have had experience in a wide range of design related projects. We even created ‘point of sale’ marketing products for a leading fashion brand. If it needs designing, chances are KidDotCo can do it!

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