It started with a stitch & Ibbleobble collaborate!

Where we like to wear our thinking caps!

While creating the Ibbleobble concept, I came up with the idea of our characters doing all their learning while wearing their ‘thinking caps’. Afterall this is one of the first things we are encouraged to do… “Why don’t you put your thinking cap on and think about all the objects you see at the seaside?” I always remember that from as far back as when I was in infants school. There were a few ways I think we could have achieved this, so I enlisted my good friend and handmade crafts guru Gemma from It Started With A Stitch for some much needed advice. Without too much explanation, she was sold on my vision… “oh wouldn’t it be cool if…” and “I think it would be good if…” – I totally appreciate people who can weave some of their own magic on a concept and in this instance this was a great example of her literally running with the project. The last time I picked up a needle and thread was in Year 11 textiles class so ideas on how I could achieve my end goal was very limited. Having said that I liked the idea of having the headgear in felt as it is such a cool fabric and comes in so many different bold colours. I have seen some over Gemma’s high-end hand stitched creations in the past and there wasn’t any doubt in my mind I would get the perfect result I was after. So over a four week period she got down to work. Over the next few weeks, I got weekly updates and picture messages of ‘sneaky peeks’ – enough of an idea that these were going to be great. I couldn’t work out who was more excited about the project – me or her! The final set of images I recieved she quite cleverly split the image between her creation and the image of each character… Gem hadn’t simply just delivered, she totally ‘smashed’ it! I cannot thank her enough for the time effort and immaculate finish she has created. It is another perfect element which makes up #ibbleobble. If you’re interested in commissioning Gemma to do some work.. trust me, you will not be disappointed, please check her out here Blog – I Facebook – It Started With A Stitch Twitter – @Gemma_Winter Instagram – @_itstartedwithastitch Please take a look at her the evolution of her beautiful creations below…

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