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KidsEmail.Org and KidDotCo

Safe Email for Kids! Protects While Still Giving Kids Their Freedom…

Since the launch of Ibbleobble we have become more and more aware the importance of children’s safety online. We have […]

It started with a stitch & Ibbleobble collaborate!

While creating the Ibbleobble concept, I came up with the idea of our characters doing all their learning while wearing […]

Creativepool 2015 Annual launch party

Creativepool 2015 Annual Launch Party

On Thursday, my brother, Mike and I made a trip across London to Shoreditch and to the uber cool offices […]

A balance of activity and fun! KidDotCo launch Brown Owl Kids!

KidDotco are pleased to introduce another fun-packed brand to add to our portfolio! Brown Owl Kids are a start up […]