Patterns with Ibbleobble named ‘best application’ People’s Choice by Creativepool!

Grimsby-based creative agency KidDotCo win international award for their educational app

This last week has been a truly memorable one for us at KidDotCo. As you may or may not know, we are a small Grimsby-based (and London) creative company made up of myself, Paul and Mike and over the last seven months (only) we have been working tirelessly on our range of educational children’s apps called Ibbleobble. For those who are yet to discover our incredibly fun-packed range, let me explain… “Ibbleobble is a series of unique educational apps that encourage children to celebrate being different. Ibbleobble helps 4+ year olds widen their vocabulary, strengthen their problem-solving abilities and heighten their word and number association skills… …The different levels of difficulty encourages the child to ask questions and open conversations with you, extending the learning from outside the app into everyday life. Ibbleobble includes seven relatable playful companions that are young children who put on their thinking caps to become their alter ego animals. Children are invited to play along and earn rewards for their chosen animal.” You can learn more about Ibbleobble here

Patterns with Ibbleobble

We are really pleased of our achievements so far – and there was more to follow too! We got some news that we had been shortlisted by industry giants Creativepool in both the ‘Best Brand’ and ‘Best Application’ category, where our App Patterns with Ibbleobble featured. Winners would be recognised by featuring in their 2016 Annual. This was huge testament for our efforts and to be even nominated along with the likes of Dixonbaxi and Elmwood. We were truly over the moon! In all honesty the quality of work in on show can only be described as ‘incredible’. We were invited down to the awards ceremony at the impressive “The Library” in Covent Garden. We were fortunate enough to be involved last year too so it was great to see some familiar faces both in the industry and from the hosts, Creativepool. It’s fair to say both Mike and I were pretty nervous. I think it’s only natural to feel this way having put a tremendous amount of work in to something. However, we felt ‘win lose or draw’ we were just grateful to share a platform with some industry heavyweights. Additionally, it was a great networking opportunity – unfortunately it’s something both Mike and I need to do more of, but it’s never easy living on other ends of the country and being such a small team. The time arrived where the awards were being announced and in true ceremony fashion winners would go up and receive their prize. A touch of real class was added to this year’s event where winners were handed a personalised gold edition of the book. As the ‘Best Application’ was announced, our tiny App, Patterns with Ibbleobble was handed the People’s choice award along with our personalised gold book. How amazing was that?! As always, I remain very humble with everything we are involved with, but I must say I am very happy to have this award and even more so for such a small company and limited marketing budget, we have gone out there and proved we can mix it with the best. We’d like to thank Creativepool for the incredible hospitality and awesome presentation of an event which clearly took a lot of effort to put together and that’s something we appreciate most 😀 #GoTeam

Thanks for everyone's support! Last night we won a Creativepool gold book in the best of application category! To celebrate we've made Patterns with Ibbleobble FREE today!

Posted by Ibbleobble on Friday, March 11, 2016
A massive congratulations to all the people who were shortlisted – all very worthy of their place! If you haven’t already downloaded our App, then please check it out here… Thanks to all the people who have shown an interest and continue to support Ibbleobble. There are still oodles more to come from us, so please keep a look out. Bye for now, Paul 🙂

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