Shine with super sequences with Ibbleobble!

Florence the Fox, our last character of this series would like to help you shine with super sequences!

It’s not even been a week, and we are happy to announce 7th in the series ‘Sequences with Ibbleobble’. Florence the Fox, our last character of this series would like to help you shine with super sequences! Sequences with Ibbleobble is an exceptional method of helping children of all ages to learn number sequences. This app will help them to understand the patterns that make the world more predictable and understandable. Sequences with Ibbleobble If you’ve been following us recently you’ll know we’re so happy and proud to hear feedback about our app, whether it’s positive or constructive, we want the apps to be perfect for you and your little ones. Our 6th in the series launched at the weekend, Patterns with Ibbleobble, has already been well received. Here’s what one user had to say: ‘They’ve (Grandchildren) have been playing all the other apps in the series but have just ad a go myself on this one and setting it at a higher level of difficulty I really had to think before answering!! I reckon this is a good way of keeping your mind active and I will be on this app again. My Granddaughter says this app is her favourite. Highly recommended!’ Sequences with Ibbleobble We know, we know, you probably already know this off by heart but just in case… By joining their new friends in Ibbleobble, each child can choose a cute character companion who will guide them along their journey of learning. Each character represents a different level of difficulty: Mr. Mousey shows beginners the way, whilst Florence the Foxis there to guide more advanced learners. At Ibbleobble, we understand that everyone’s different, so our app allows young learners to progress at their own pace, or take a challenge against the clock! The friendly, easy-to-use interface presents a range of simplistic sequence of images on-screen, allowing children to choose answers from a multiple-choice list. To recognise their hard work and achievement, children will collect one of their character’s favourite objects as a reward. Whether it’s stamps for Florence the Fox, or shells for Kelly the Rabbit, the more they achieve, the happier their companion will be! You can download ‘Sequences with Ibbleobble’ here. Please ‘Like’ our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram or visit our website for more info. Please do not worry though, just because it is our last character don’t think you’ll stop hearing from us anytime soon! There’s lots of exciting things on the way, keep your eyes peeled for some opportunities for some FREEBIES too! We all love the F word!

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