“So, how much do you charge for a logo?” Try “How much value is the seed to the tree?”

One of the most common questions we get asked is “How much do you charge for a logo?” – This can become disheartening for designers alike as to many clients ‘a logo is just a logo – how hard can it be?’

Not only is a logo a part of a brand – it is your ‘identity’ – your ‘shop window’ – your unique point of contact potential customers buy in to. While to many – a logo is a hash of text and an icon – to us, it represents the heart of your brand. A designer to your logo is like a cardiologist to your heart. Furthermore, when creating a logo – it provides the nucleus to the rest of your brand.. i.e. ‘What will it look like if it was used on the side of a truck?’ or ‘How will it be represented in a black and white publication?’ So when asking how much a logo costs – try bearing in mind it’s like asking how much value is the seed to the tree? We did some quick research to find out what fellow designers thought on the subject. Here’s what we found… How much do logos cost? Source: http://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/threads/rebranding-costs-can-any-graphic-designers-help-us-out.141952/ What does it cost to rebrand? How much does a rebrand cost?

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