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We treat every web project as though it’s our own

So what makes KidDotCo different from other design agencies when it comes to Web Design and Development? After all there are a hell of a lot of people out there doing it these days

We understand that you – as the client – you’re investing a whole lot of trust in ‘little old us’ to us to deliver a perfect web solution for your business, so we treat genuinely treat every project as though it’s our own. For anyone who have worked with KidDotCo, they will back us up here… there’s a term ‘going above and beyond’ and often gets wrongly banded about but we believe here at KidDotCo, we really do. I think that has something to do with loving the web and everything to do with it. Most of all we want to look at the end product and be proud enough to say “we did that”.

It would be wrong to say that we know everything, but we do know a fair bit and we apply this knowledge and expertise to everything we do.

Communication in key

A typical process when designing and developing a website always begins with establishing the clients needs. Time is incredibly precious and therefore we wouldn’t want to be wasting time creating something that isn’t an end product you envisaged. As much as we like to advise and hold your hand through the process, we like to listen too… after all communication is key.

Once we have a clear understanding of a clients needs, we typically – but not essential – apply a three or four stage process. Working in phases helps the management of the project and helps us deliver the project in a timely manner. Phase one we mock the design up in the form of a wireframe – simplified, it’s a sketched outline of the user interface of your site. Phase two we go in to a design stage where we apply colour scheme, photography, graphic elements, fonts and branding. We would generally delivery an example of the homepage, a listing page and a detail page as well as a contact page. Doing it this way aides a more quicker design process. Phase three, we would build each template using the industry standard HTML5/CSS on a grid system, typically Twitter Bootstrap. A grid system, enables your site to be built which is suitable to be views on both desktop and mobile devices. Should you need to update your site on a regular basis, we advise using a Content Management System (CMS). Our CMS of choice is either Drupal or WordPress depending on a clients needs.

While this is a brief summary of our web design and development process, we would provide you with a much more thorough outline as we understand each job is different to the next.

Award-winning, acknowledged we love the web!

To conclude, we have been fortunate enough to have an incredibly amount of experience working on websites for the biggest global companies such as Virgin, Mars Drinks, Nicholas Deakins and Hein Gericke. This valuable experience we have applied to all the projects we have been involved with since. Paul has been featured in many Web Designer magazine publications over the years writing about the latest web trends and design. Additionally and most recently, a site designed by KidDotCo, www.ibbleobble.com was named ‘Best Website 2017’ by Creativepool – an international award for creatives. So we would like to think you’re in very safe hands when working with us.

Ibbleobble Award-winning website


Ibbleobble award-winning website

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