Pixel Dash

A Pixel Addiction on the App Store

What they wanted

KidDotCo teamed up with Cricklewood Studios to create this addictive one touch iOS game. If you’re anything like us growing up in the 80s Pac-Man era, the love of arcade games never seems to leave you no matter how old you get. So the chance to create our own was an opportunity we didn’t want to miss! Our friends Cricklewood Studios had this long-standing idea of this one-touch high-intensity game he named Pixel Dash. Collaborating with KidDotCo we implemented a strong, vibrant eye-catching brand and added a few ‘nips and tucks’ as well as embroidering a few additional elements bringing from an idea to actual reality

What we did

  • App Store Optimisation (ASO)
  • Brand Development
  • Character Design
  • Corporate Guidelines
  • Frontend Development (HTML5/CSS)
  • iOS App Design and Development
  • Game Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • UX/UI Design
Pixel Dash game on the iPhone

Power to the Pixel!

Having already worked on a number of projects with James at Cricklewood Studios, we felt this idea of Pixel Dash had the potential to be a really popular game on the App Store, especially as with the emergence of ‘one-touch games’ and Apple eager to promote original games of this nature. We felt this really was a no brainer. So, we had the idea in place, plus we had developed the gameplay to make it more competitive, Additionally we added Apple’s Game Center to track activity and an official leader board. It was down to us then to create an edgy brand which was worthy of the game we had developed.

The Pixel Dash brand was inspired by our love for 8-bit graphics (naturally). To complement the brand we created a vibrant exciting colour scheme, carefully crafted to stand out on the App Store. We found that there was some really good games out there, but they struggled to stand out. Each App sold includes a range of iMessage stickers they can use when sending messages to their friends. We continued the 8-bit theme creating stickers typical of an 80s arcade game.

Pushing your reaction skills to the max!

To summarise the the gameplay Pixel Dash – a highly addictive game encourages players to push their reaction skills to the max! The game launches a simplistic interface and a small square which moves clockwise around the screen. Players then have to control the square avoiding the interface wall or else the game ends… you have to be quick! There’s more… As time passes and your score increases the pace picks up so you have to tap more quickly! To add a competitive edge to the game we have made the middle section of the interface a ‘no-go’ area. Upon entering this zone your score decreases. You must also look out for the pink 8-bit hearts as collecting these adds lives to your session meaning you can go through the wall returning the other side.

This has proved a pretty popular game on the App Store and something both KidDotCo and Cricklewood Studios are proud to have created.

Pixel Dash App game
Pixel Dash - Power to the Pixel by KidDotCo
Pixel Dash App on the iPad

Paul Jamie Kidd said:

“Understanding that this App is really fun to play, it was important that the brand we created was fun to the eye too. This is why we created a bold eye-catching design and colour scheme. With the addition of iMessage stickers as a bonus, we was able to extend the brand to more than just a interactive game.”

Pixel Dash game stickers
Pixel Dash website
Pixel Dash App marketing