The First School

Celebrating individuality and diversity through our unique preschool curriculum

What they wanted

The First School is a private preschool based in Santa Monica, California. They are a relationship-based, developmental preschool, offering toddler groups, preschool and transitional kindergarten / pre-k programs for children 16 months to five years.

KidDotCo was asked to create an iconic logo for the rebrand of their school. I would probably say their brief was quite loose in terms of how it looked, but they were very keen to have something that represented their core philosophy Curiosity, Creativity, Respect, Community and Individuality. Additionally they wanted a brand that enforced the slogan ‘Celebrating Individuality’ – something that was really important to them.

What we did

  • Brand Development
  • Corporate Guidelines
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Stationery Design
The First School flags

For the love of learning…

Having a great deal of experience in designing for a younger audience, it still provided us with something of a challenge. Using a primary colour palette closely associated with pre-school children, we crafted a free flowing shape made up of five coloured rings. Each ring represents a section of the school’s philosophy. We assembled the rings in such a way it feels like it’s growing outwards – like the rings on a tree. We felt this was a nod towards the school helping the children grow in to infants as well as helping their knowledge grow while at the school. Each ring is bright, colourful and works on its own as an individual element, but when combined with the other rings creates a strong iconic shape.

The First School branding
The First School philosophy
The First School animated logo

“As a founder of a digital marketing firm, I had the pleasure of working with Paul Kidd on a ground-up logo development project for one of our clients and he absolutely nailed the spirit of the brand. His approach was both unique and very thoughtful. It was clear that he had taken our creative brief to heart and let it inspire him to distinguish our client in a crowded category and tell their story visually”

Stephanie SchaubPartner & Co-Founder7th Floor Digital
The First School drawstring bag
The First School stationery
The First School hoody