From social media marketing to Mailchimp campaigns, if it needs designing, we can probably do it

Graphic design by KidDotCo

Design is what we do

While our main focus is on web design and development, iOS App development and branding, we are keen to get involved with design work of any kind. We have vast experience in social media marketing and social media campaigns. We also do a lot of work creating newsletter campaigns via Mailchimp. If something needs designing from stationery to brochures to roller banners to beer mats, we will do it… after all designing is what we do.

A particular interesting design brief we were instrumental in was the creation of a ‘Point of Sale’ piece for footwear giants, Nicholas Deakins. They were keen to have something they could use as a promotional piece to be used in JD stores throughout Britain and their flagship store in Leeds. Having explored a few solutions, we came up with the idea of a shoemaker doll. The concept would loosely based on the famous shoemaker story. The idea would be that these dolls would come out at night and get to work with making the shoes ready for the next morning. Our concept was presented to the guys who loved the idea and ran with it. Working with my team at Blue Ink Agency we crafted a shoemaker design, coupled with hammer and scissors and our idea was brought to life.

This is a fine example of how we can apply our creativity to think up effective successful solutions to suit our clients needs.

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