KidDotCo are incredibly passionate about creating brands and not just logos

Branding by KidDotCo

Your brand is YOU!

If you was to ask us where we think one of our main strengths lie within our business we would probably say branding is something we do very well. We are quietly confident we can deliver a brand that not only looks pleasing to the eye but create a brand that serves the purpose its intended to – we are proud of this.

Okay, there are a million and one people out there who can offer you a logo on a shoestring budget – However, KidDotCo believe a brand is much more than that. A brand is your identity, your signature… your brand is YOU and everything you represent. The difference between a logo and a brand is hugely different. A brand needs to work across all kinds of levels from a 16px favicon for your website or a vehicle wrap from your delivery trucks. There are so many things to consider when creating a brand… What is the thought process behind the brand? How will it work in greyscale? What happens when the logo gets printed in a newspaper?

Everything is designed for a reason

KidDotCo believe the key to a successful brand is how well it scales. What we mean by this is how well the brand can be applied no matter where it’s places or how it’s placed, there is a reason for everything that has been designed.

We have been involved in the implementation of some very exciting brands over the years. We were instrumental in the branding of ‘4 the ride’ by Hein Gericke – a global supplier of motorcycle kit. This successful campaign had a brand elements from shop ‘point of sale’ to newspaper adverts, it provided us with some invaluable experience in working on a campaign this size.

While we are well equipped to work on campaigns of this size and undertaking jobs for clients such as Live Nation and Nicholas Deakins, we are also keen to get involved with start up companies. There is nothing more rewarding than creating a brand from scratch and watching it grow.

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