An international platform connecting schools around the world

What they wanted

Having been inspired by KidDotCo’s Ibbleobble brand, New York-based Evin Schwartz and his team approached KidDotCo to create a brand for their educational platform, Belouga. This extremely exciting product has been carefully assembled to help connect schools across the globe. Bringing schools together from as far wide as Australia to Nigeria, Belouga addresses things like how other children celebrate birthdays, they like to eat when they get home from school, encouraging cultural understanding. While the platform relies heavily on education, they do offer reward incentives to increase activity and participation on the website.

What we did

  • Brand Development
  • Character Design
  • Corporate Guidelines
  • Frontend Development (HTML5/CSS)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Stationery Design
  • UX/UI Design
Belouga website design

Global education collaborations

Drawing on our experience in designing for children with Ibbleobble, we feel we were more than equipped to create a brand which not only appealed to children, but appealed to children from all over the world. We felt it was critical that the Belouga brand didn’t come across too child-like, which was a challenge we feel we have met.

Focusing on a bold but clean primary colour palette, we created a unique memorable icon in the form of a Beluga whale, the mascot of the brand. Belouga essentially encourages learning and we feel the brand we have created lays a solid foundation for children to engage in the platform. Additionally we have put together marketing material such as downloadable PDFs and Mailchimp email templates, social elements, designed a range of reward badges and certificates to enhance the brand.

Belouga tshirt design
Belouga icons
Belouga logo

“Paul has been my go-to creative designer for the past 8 years. His work ethic and professionalism is second to none and always looks at each project as if it were his own. Paul’s versatility and understanding of design makes him an extremely valuable asset regardless of the type of project he is working on. I highly recommend Paul and look forward to working with him for years to come.”

Evin SchwartzFounderBelouga
Belouga logo
Belouga iconography
Belouga brand