Interactive Originals

March 2014

Interactive Originals are a well-established TV and Film production company based in Sydney, Australia. With over almost 20 years experience, Interactive Originals have supplied essential services to many high profile productions such as Big Brother, The Voice, MTV VMAs and over 30 game show formats. In addition, their founder Rod Morris has written and produced an internationally sold and distributed feature film (“Dying Breed” - 2008).

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, they approached KidDotCo to rebrand their company. They were after a strong online presence - with an emphasis on two separate brands 'Interactive Originals' and 'Interactive Originals - Films'.

Working closely with Rod, we created a simple - but strong identity. We feel this will help them to be recognisable in the industry. Importantly, we believe this brand transfers seamlessly on their responsive website which is has a full CMS integrated for when they want to update their site.

The logo hints at the initials of Interactive Originals (IO), and the colour scheme is clear and crisp with apparent and identifiable colour themes for each division of the company. The clear and crisp theme runs through the site with large precise text.

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Interactive Originals | Sydney | Branding
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